The Keeper 10’6″ – Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set Review


The Attendant stand up paddle board is 10 feet 6 inches (10’6″) long, thirty inches (30″) wide, and five inches (5″) thick. 10’6″ is an optimal length on the off chance that you’re beginning oar boarding – not excessively short you will fight to keep upstanding, however not inasmuch as to feel like a train when you endeavor to turn on the water.

The load up weighs around 25lbs (11kgs), which is incredible – it won’t take extremely lengthy to comprehend the advantage of a light stand up paddle load up in the event that you really want to pull it from the vehicle park to the water a few times. The downside, obviously, is that light-weight sheets are by and large impacted areas of strength for by when out on the water. This is certainly recognizable for the most part while endeavoring to get waves major areas of strength for with winds blowing (keeping the board from “getting” the wave).


The board is produced using high thickness epoxy pitch (EPS), which is really a somewhat cheap and unquestionably light-weight surf board center. They are likewise exceptionally strong, and can endure thumps that would ding customary fiberglass sheets. Some riding perfectionists would prefer to utilize ordinary fiberglass, in any case, on the off chance that you need a lightweight, solid oar board at a decent cost, you can’t turn out badly with EPS.

The board additionally has three paddle surf barcelona amanecer wooden stringers, shaped directly into the deck. Stringers are broadly used to additionally support a phenomenal oar board. The board has a 100% waterproof center, and can hold a load of up to 300lbs (136kgs) in the water.


The Attendant stand up paddle board is light-weight, and a brilliant size for learning. It includes serious areas of strength for a, utilizing both EPS and three wooden stringers. The oar floats, and that is dependably a special reward!


The bundle incorporates with a flexible SUP Oar (with selective Cutting edge Safeguard), cushioned rooftop racks and surf chain. The cushioned rooftop racks are fine for neighborhood trips, however you might need to burn through cash on some great rooftop racks assuming you expect voyaging further away from home. At high rates they are loud, and when it rains, the water can retain through in to within your vehicle.

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